Learning from Requests Source Code

Requests (https://github.com/kennethreitz/requests) is a popular http request handling package. Its code is supposed to be well written and pythonic. So I decided to learn from it and improve my Python programming. Here is something that I learned or re-learned.

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Why I fart? (or how small data changes life)

I have had gas problem for quite a while. Usually, right after I have lunch, gas starts to accumulate in my belly. Then comes the fart. It was really annoying, especially when you sat in the front row of a class. Sometimes it was even painful as there are too much gas in the belly that somehow couldn’t get out.

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My Approach To Reproducible Research

The goal is simple. During my research, I often need to run a lot of different workloads, plot the results and write some analysis text. My goal is to:

  • find out parameters I used to generate the results. So I can answer questions “why I see an outlier in my figure?”
  • find out the script that I used to generate the plot. So I can improve the figure for publication.
  • rerun the whole program and get the results. So I can produce new results by changing the old one.
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How to Add New System Calls to Minix 3.1.8

There are some tutorials on the Internet. However, they are not up-to-date. Currently Minix has the latest version 3.1.8. It has some changes, say a virtual file system. So a  newer tutorial is necessary. This article also includes a part for adding system calls to servers that are not visible to users. For example, users cannot call the functions in MFS directly because there is a middleware layer, VFS, between them. In order to call some function in MFS, one need to add a system call to MFS and then call it from VFS. The steps of adding system calls to MFS is slightly different.

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